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Tiffany by Envy in Creamed Coffee-Rooted Image 2
Tiffany by Envy in Creamed Coffee-Rooted Image 3
Tiffany by Envy in Creamed Coffee-Rooted Image 4
Tiffany by Envy in Creamed Coffee-Rooted Image 5
Divider for Rooted Colors
Sparkling Champagne Rooted - Medium ash blonde and with pale blonde highlights and medium brown roots
Creamed Coffee Rooted - Copper and light warm brown with honey blonde highlights and medium brown roots
Golden Nutmeg Rooted - Warm brown and auburn with honey blonde highlights and medium brown roots
Toasted Sesame Rooted - Light brown blend with medium brown root
Amaretto & Cream Rooted - Medium brown with caramel and dark ash blonde highlights
Chocolate Cherry Rooted - Medium dark brown with auburn and copper highlights and dark brown roots
Divider for Blonde Colors
Light Blonde - Warm blend of golden and platinum blonde
Vanilla Butter Highlighted - Medium golden blonde blended with medium honey blonde
Medium Blonde - Warm blend of medium golden blonde and pale golden blonde
Dark Blonde - Dynamic blend of honey and ash blonde
Ginger Cream Highlighted - Dark golden and ash blondes with pale ash blonde highlights
Divider for Red Colors
Lighter Red - Blend of auburn, copper, and warm blonde
Cinnamon Raisin Highlighted - Dark brown and medium auburn with light caramel highlights
Dark Red - Dark auburn brown and copper with burgundy highlights
Divider for Brunette Colors
Almond Breeze Highlighted - Light brown with ash blonde highlights
Frosted - Light brown with wheat blonde tips
Mocha Frost Highlighted - Light ash brown with gold blonde highlights
Light Brown - Blend of light golden brown and light auburn brown
Chocolate Caramel Highlighted - Chocolate brown base blended with caramel and medium auburn
Medium Brown - Deep brown with caramel and medium golden brown
Dark Brown - Deepest brown blend
Black - True black blend
Divider for Gray Colors
Light Grey - Soft white blended with silver
Medium Grey - Soft white with silver and 20% medium brown
Dark Grey - Dark brown, medium ash brown and medium gray

Tiffany by Envy (Basic Cap Wig)

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Tiffany by Envy

Precious Tiffany is classic styling at its best. One of Envy's top-selling wigs for a reason! The fashionable cut is a winning look anytime. The extended nape offers security for greater comfort and confidence throughout the day. This polished style is stunning!

  • Open Top cap construction for a cool, comfortable fit
  • A delicate layer of gossamer lies against the scalp allowing air to circulate freely
  • The petal patterned netting adds strength and support
  • Bendable ear tabs
  • Adjustable band for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Synthetic fibers are soft and keep their style
  • Lightweight for long-wearing enjoyment

Color shown is Creamed Coffee-Rooted 
Available in rooted colors 
Specifications: Front 3 1/4", Crown 3 1/4", Sides 2 1/4", Nape 2" 
Weight: 1.7 oz. 
Cap Size: Average

Almond Breeze-Highlighted, Amaretto & Cream-Rooted, Black, Chocolate Caramel-Highlighted, Chocolate Cherry-Rooted, Cinnamon Raisin-Highlighted, Creamed Coffee-Rooted, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Frosted, Ginger Cream-Highlighted, Golden Nutmeg-Rooted, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Light Grey, Lighter Red, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown, Medium Grey, Mocha Frost-Highlighted, Sparkling Champagne-Rooted, Toasted Sesame-Rooted, Vanilla Butter-Highlighted