Long Top Piece by Rene of Paris
Long Top Piece by Rene of Paris
Divider for Rooted Colors
Creamy Toffee-R-Rooted dark with 50/50 light platinum blonde & light honey blonde blend
Nutmeg-R-Rooted dark with honey brown base and platinum blonde highlight
Macadamia-LR-Soft brown root that melts into a beige blonde color
Almond Spice-R-Rooted dark with medium brown base and honey & platinum blonde blended highlight
Maple Sugar-R-Rooted dark with light honey brown base and strawberry blonde highlights
Marble Brown-LR-Ombre of dark brown rooted, and medium brown & light honey brown 50/50 blend
Iced Mocha-R-Rooted dark with medium brown blended and light blonde highlights
Coffee Latte-R-Dark root, dark brown base with 50/50 of medium chocolate & medium golden blonde
Divider for Blonde Colors
Gold Blonde-Medium gold blonde and light gold blonde blend
Spring Honey-Honey blonde and gold platinum blonde 50/50 blend
Harvest Gold-Medium brown and dark gold blonde 50/50 blend
Divider for Brunette Colors
Ginger Brown-Medium auburn and medium brown 50/50 blend
Medium Brown-Medium brown blend
Dark Chocolate-Dark brown and medium brown 50/50 blend
Expresso-Dark brown

Long Top Piece by Rene of Paris

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This topper adds long luxurious coverage from the fringe to the crown. Four clips keep it securely in place.

Color Shown: Macadamia-LR
Available in rooted colors
Specifications: Hair Length: 18” (45.5 cm)
Weight: 2.5 oz (70 g)