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Finding A Wig That Looks Natural On Me

Hope For Hair Loss Hair loss issues can be as much an issue for women as men due to reasons like stress, medications, unhealthy lifestyle, and inherited traits. Many products on the market claim to be a solution, but the majority do not produce results. Wigs are an alternative with many benefits. Quality suppliers make realistic-looking wigs that are so comfortable they are becoming mainstream. Women who want a temporary drastic change, or conveniently mimic their own hair for a day or two, are donning gorgeous wigs. Choose Quality As you may be aware, cheap wigs will not help your appearance. The research and development is not there to give you the most natural effect and comfortable wear. Quality wigs do not...

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What Does Capless Wig Mean?

Back to the Basics Basic cap wigs are also referred to as standard cap, capless, wefted, open top, or open cap wigs. They have a machine-made base with wefts or “tiers” of hair fibers sewn onto thin strips of elastic material. Some have a lace, net, or thin mesh panel at the top of the cap for stability. Generally, Permatease hides the wefts from view near the area where a part would be. Permatease is made of short coarse strands which lift the other hair fibers away from the wefts.   Your Best Value Basic caps are usually the most affordable option. They do not include premium features like monofilament or a lace front. Styles that work well with basic...

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Can I Wear A Wig Every Day?

The short answer is Yes! Quality wigs are game-changers. They can give you the confidence to face the world when you have insecurities from hair loss or thinning hair. But is it OK to wear a wig every day? Like wearing a hat or headband, it can have its drawbacks. Take a look at these caveats and decide if wearing a wig every day is for you. Some things to consider Basic, standard, open top caps all have open wefting throughout and can be the best option for everyday comfort. Most brands have a good amount of stretch in their basic caps as well which can help. Mono top wigs have a soft monofilament mesh barrier that is very comfortable and...

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Are Synthetic Wigs Good?

There are good and bad ones Synthetic wigs are like almost everything else, there are good and bad ones. The key is buying quality wigs at affordable prices to get value from your purchase. Machine-made or standard basic cap wigs offer the best pricing but in lighter colors the wefting can be seen underneath. If going for this option, purchase a rooted or darker color to hide the wefts. Lace front wigs offer off-the-face styling options that can give a truly realistic hairline. Monofilament top and mono part wigs give a natural-looking part and the wefts are not as noticeable because they generally start at the crown. If opting for a lighter colored wig, a mono top is the best...

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Seeking Your New Love

Where should you start? Shopping for a new wig can be a fun (and sometimes stressful) time to explore new colors, lengths, and styles. It may help you to go through old photos to find the styles that really made you feel confident or look back to your favorite hairstyles across the years and remember which made you glow. Styles from across all decades are fashionable right now, so don't lock yourself into one hairdo. Be adventurous! Why stop at one? What about color? When shopping through color options keep in mind your eye color and the undertones of your skin to find a shade that highlights and enhances. If you want a little help, see our post that is all about finding the most flattering color for you!  Still...

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