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How To Store Your Wigs

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Portrait Mode by Raquel Welch

Though you may not have a wig collection the size of Dolly's, Cher's, or Moira's, you will still want to store them with care. We have solutions for storing long-term or for easy access.

Long-Term Wig Storage Solutions

Start with your original box for storing wigs you may not use as often. They are usually decorative and may already have the style and color labeled on the box! They are stackable and small enough to store under your bed or on a closet shelf. Keep the packaging tissue and hair netting for extra protection and care of your prize pieces.

Plastic Bins: In line with the original box, plastic bins the size of a shoe box will stack neatly while protecting your wigs from moisture and dust. Clear boxes offer a quick glance at the contents inside. Arrange by length, texture, color, or however you want for easy selection!

Wig Bags: These can be hung in a closet, or stacked neatly in a drawer. Made from silky material like polyester satin, these bags are easy on wig strands and the drawstring closure is a cinch (pun intended) They can even be arranged on wall hooks, as they are attractive enough to display!

Hanging Wig "Stands": These are especially good for traveling. They offer air-circulation and are great for drying your wigs after washing. Stacking them creates a stunning array of your wigs in an accessible arrangement. Won't you love seeing them all together this way?

Short-Term Wig Storage Solutions

For easy access to your everyday wigs, Several wig / hat stands will make a vintage or retro presentation to showcase your favorite pieces. They will offer shaping for the wig cap and keep your wigs fresh-looking, while also allowing air circulation. How pretty they would be en masse on a tabletop!

If you just need a simple pop-up stand, consider Mane Wigs' Collapsible Folding Wig Stand. Flip open and secure with the top to make a sturdy base. Air is able to flow freely allowing just-washed wigs to air-dry thoroughly. Also a great way to showcase your favorites!

Clean Wigs Before You Store Them

Wigs should be washed every 15 to 20 wearings and exercise wigs even more often to remove residue. Always clean them before storing in any sealed container. After the wig is thoroughly dry, gently comb to remove the knots and tangles. Use a wide-tooth comb, starting at the ends and moving up to the cap (while combing downward). Afterward, apply a conditioner designed for wigs like Envy Renu and Repair Spray to renew the sheen and repair the damage caused by normal wear.

Your secret is safe with us. Now your wigs can be safely stored away!

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