What Does Capless Wig Mean?

What Does Capless Wig Mean?

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Basic cap wigs are also referred to as standard cap, capless, wefted, open top, or open cap wigs. They have a machine-made base with wefts or “tiers” of hair fibers sewn onto thin strips of elastic material. Some have a lace, net, or thin mesh panel at the top of the cap for stability. Generally, Permatease hides the wefts from view near the area where a part would be. Permatease is made of short coarse strands which lift the other hair fibers away from the wefts.

Your Best Value

Basic caps are usually the most affordable option. They do not include premium features like monofilament or a lace front. Styles that work well with basic caps have bangs or front “fringe”. This helps disguise the hairline construction of the cap to make the wig appear more realistic. If you prefer to wear your hair off the face, a lace front wig is what you need.

They're comfortable

Most basic caps have generous stretching ability which makes them very pleasant to wear. The open wefts will help keep your scalp cool. If you have bio hair, you can maximize this cooling effect by pinning your bio hair close to your head and using a wig grip headband instead of a nylon wig cap. This secures your hair but allows air to circulate more freely underneath the cap. If you do not have bio hair, you may find basic cap wigs itchy because of the wefts or top panel. A more suitable option for you may be a mono-top wig.
Whether you choose a basic cap, monofilament, lace front, or combination, find your style and go with it! 
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