Seeking Your New Love

Seeking Your New Love

Angel by Envy

Where should you start?

Shopping for a new wig can be a fun (and sometimes stressful) time to explore new colors, lengths, and styles. It may help you to go through old photos to find the styles that really made you feel confident or look back to your favorite hairstyles across the years and remember which made you glow. Styles from across all decades are fashionable right now, so don't lock yourself into one hairdo. Be adventurous! Why stop at one?

What about color?

When shopping through color options keep in mind your eye color and the undertones of your skin to find a shade that highlights and enhances. If you want a little help, see our post that is all about finding the most flattering color for you! 

Still not sure about a color?

Finish up by adding My Color Assurance (just to make sure you’re covered in case it’s *not* perfect), then hit the Add to Cart button. All that’s left is waiting for the doorbell to ring with your new hair-mail!

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