Can I Wear A Wig Every Day?

Can I Wear A Wig Every Day?

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The short answer is Yes!

Quality wigs are game-changers. They can give you the confidence to face the world when you have insecurities from hair loss or thinning hair. But is it OK to wear a wig every day? Like wearing a hat or headband, it can have its drawbacks. Take a look at these caveats and decide if wearing a wig every day is for you.

Some things to consider

Basic, standard, open top caps all have open wefting throughout and can be the best option for everyday comfort. Most brands have a good amount of stretch in their basic caps as well which can help.

Mono top wigs have a soft monofilament mesh barrier that is very comfortable and looks more natural than a basic cap wig. For everyday comfort, this is a great option.

Lace wigs have a layer of mesh or lace in front with hand-sewn fibers to make a natural-looking hairline. Because the lace is so delicate, it may not wear as well as non-lace front, therefore it will need to be replaced more often.

Wearing a wig on your head every day will most likely result in a few new concerns. The edges of the wig cap can wear on your hairline and cause further hair loss or thinning. A remedy for this is a wig gripper headband which provides a soft buffer in between. It does also grip the wig securely and hold it in place. It is easy to apply, just velcro in place, making sure it is not too tight. Loosening the adjustable tabs on your wig will make it more comfortable.


Take care of yourself

Keeping anything restrictive on your scalp every day, whether it is a hat, scarf, headband, etc. is not a natural situation. If you find you are experiencing headaches or other issues such as cradle cap, stop wearing the wig for a few days and let your scalp rest. Personally, I have worn a wig (almost) every day for years now and LOVE it. I hope that if it is your desire to do so, you will, and enjoy every minute!

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