3 EnvyHair Wigs and 8 Toppers Add Up To More on ManeWigs.com

3 EnvyHair Wigs and 8 Toppers Add Up To More on ManeWigs.com

Making A Statement

It is not often you see a seasonal release of more than a couple of items at a time but Envy Wigs has made a statement with their introduction of three EnvyHair (30% Human Hair / 70% Synthetic) wigs and 8 Toppers. Alan Eaton has been hard at work as an advocate for women with hair loss, giving us options galore!

Wig Styles To Covet

BILLIEWith versatile longer layers in front, Envy's Billie is pixie perfection, featuring our exclusive, heat-friendly 30% human/70% synthetic hair blend, EnvyHair™. Its built-in moisture-control withstands temperatures up to 285ºF. And with our EAR-TO-EAR LACE FRONT providing off-the-face styling, BILLIE gives you the freedom to wear it any way you choose.

Billie Wig by Envy in Amaretto & Cream

LISALisa’s lush Lob has it all! The versatile just-past-the-shoulder cut can be worn as a casual low pony, blow-dried, or curled—thanks to EnvyHair™, our exclusive 30% human/70% synthetic hair blend that looks, feels, moves, and styles just like the real thing. And with ENVY’s EAR-TO-EAR LACE FRONT providing the most natural looking hairline available, you might forget it’s not the real thing.

Lisa Wig by Envy in Lighter Red

PAULAPaula’s casual crop combines the advanced stylability of Envy’s exclusive, heat-friendly EnvyHair™ blend, our hand-tied MONO TOP construction for loads of believable movement, and an EAR-TO-EAR LACE FRONT that provides the most natural looking hairline available. It’s a lowkey way to get in on the asymmetrical trend —AND the high-end look of 100% human hair (for less).




Plus 8 Toppers For Endless Style Choices

Envy's 8 New Toppers
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