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Are Synthetic Wigs Good?

Natalie by Esetetica

There are good and bad ones

Synthetic wigs are like almost everything else, there are good and bad ones. The key is buying quality wigs at affordable prices to get value from your purchase. Machine-made or standard basic cap wigs offer the best pricing but in lighter colors the wefting can be seen underneath. If going for this option, purchase a rooted or darker color to hide the wefts. Lace front wigs offer off-the-face styling options that can give a truly realistic hairline. Monofilament top and mono part wigs give a natural-looking part and the wefts are not as noticeable because they generally start at the crown. If opting for a lighter colored wig, a mono top is the best cap style. Fully hand-tied are going to be the most inconspicuous but may also be too warm to wear comfortably all day. Choose the features that serve your needs the best.

Fibers make a difference

Human hair wigs have the truest looking fiber (of course) but just like your real hair, the style may fall in humid weather. They also cost much more. Because synthetic wigs are less expensive you can try several styles and colors to find the best ones for you without breaking the bank.

Synthetic wigs are great in almost all weather conditions. They can be really shiny when you first take them out of the box but fixes like dry shampoo or lightly scented powder can help reduce the sheen. Washing them can also help. I love synthetic wigs because they keep their shape until you re-set them with mild heat tools like a hairdryer, or with heat-friendly fibers, you can use straightening or curling irons up to 320 degrees. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and spot test to make sure you do not melt the delicate strands! 

The color options in synthetic wigs are endless. Most brands stay within a range of usual colors for pragmatic buyers, but there are many with bright or pastel colors or ombre effects that are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for you renegades out there. This is where it is the most fun to experiment! 

Where you buy is the key

Certainly, you realize that where you are buying synthetic wigs will be the key to getting a good one. Speaking from experience here, you get what you pay for. Bargain places that sell highly discounted, copycat, or costume wigs are generally not going to sell high-grade items that will be wearable every day. Most likely the color will not be as depicted either. Purchasing online should not be an issue if you are buying from a quality merchant. Superior brands have a reputation to consider and do not produce items that will denigrate their position just to save a few dollars. It is our commitment to you to offer the very best quality brands, so you can be sure you are getting the value you want and deserve.

Choose what is right for you

In summary, yes synthetic wigs are good! Although human hair wigs seem like the premium option, synthetic wigs are better in many ways. Find the cap features, colors, and styles you like the best and wear them proudly!


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