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Sky Partial Mono by Noriko in Almond Rocka-R Image 1
Sky Partial Mono by Noriko in Almond Rocka-R Image 2
Sky Partial Mono by Noriko in Almond Rocka-R Image 3
Sky Partial Mono by Noriko in Almond Rocka-R Image 4
Divider for Rooted Colors
Champagne-R-Rooted dark with platinum blonde
Sugar Cane-R-Medium brown root, 50/50 platinum & strawberry blonde with light auburn highlight
Creamy Toffee-R - Rooted dark with 50/50 light platinum blonde & light honey blonde blend
Spring Honey-R-Medium brown rooted, 50/50 honey blonde and gold platinum blonde blend
Nutmeg-F-Rooted dark with honey brown base and platinum blonde highlight
Mochaccino-R - Rooted dark with light brown base and strawberry blonde highlights
Almond Spice-R-Rooted dark with medium brown base and honey & platinum blonde blended highlight
Maple Sugar-R - Rooted dark with light honey brown base and strawberry blonde highlights
Iced Mocha-R - Rooted dark with medium brown blended and light blonde highlights
Coffee Latte-R-Dark root, dark brown base with 50/50 of medium chocolate & medium golden blonde
Divider for Blonde Colors
Creamy Blonde - Platinum and light gold blonde 50/50 blend
Divider for Red Colors
Ginger Highlight - Medium brown and light auburn highlight
Chestnut - Dark and bright auburn 50/50 blend
Divider for Brunette Colors
Marble Brown - Medium brown and light honey brown ombre 50/50 blend
Toasted Brown - Dark brown and light brown blend
Ginger Brown - Medium auburn and medium brown 50/50 blend
Chocolate Swirl-Dark brown base with 50/50 highlight of light auburn and honey blonde
Dark Chocolate - Dark brown and medium brown 50/50 blend
Divider for Gray Colors
Silver Stone - Silver medium brown blend that transitions to more silver, then to silver bangs

Sky PM by Noriko (Mono Part Wig)

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Sky Partial Mono by Noriko

Soft feathered bob wig with tousled fringe. The same wig you know and love, upgraded with a partial-mono top so you can part it anywhere you want.


  • Partial monofilament cap construction of premium materials provides natural looking part
  • Impeccable quality and consistency throughout
  • Soft pre-styled synthetic hair looks natural and keeps its shape in all weather
  • Adjustable band allows you to customize the fit up to 1/2" for ultimate comfort
  • Bendable ear tabs for a discreet secure fit

Color shown is Almond Rocka-R
Available in rooted colors
Specifications: Fringe 5.5" (14 cm), Crown 5.1" (13 cm), Nape 3.5" (9 cm)
Weight: 2.8 oz (79 g) 
Cap Size: Average

Almond Spice-R, Champagne-R, Chestnut, Chocolate Swirl, Coffee Latte-R, Creamy Blonde, Creamy Toffee-R, Dark Chocolate, Ginger Brown, Ginger Highlight, Iced Mocha-R, Maple Sugar-R, Marble Brown, Mochaccino-R, Nutmeg-F, Silver Stone, Spring Honey-R, Sugar Cane-R, Toasted Brown