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Sugar Cane-R-Medium brown root, 50/50 platinum & strawberry blonde with light auburn highlight
Creamy Toffee-R-Rooted dark with 50/50 light platinum blonde & light honey blonde blend
Banana Split-LR-Heavily rooted warm golden blonde
Nutmeg-R-Rooted dark with honey brown base and platinum blonde highlight
Macadamia-LR-Soft brown root that melts into a beige blonde color
Mochaccino-R-Rooted dark with light brown base and strawberry blonde highlights
Crimson-LR-Deep burgundy root gradually shifts into a lighter coppery tone
Auburn Sugar-R-Rooted dark with a medium auburn base and dark strawberry blonde highlight
Coffee Latte-R-Dark root, dark brown base with 50/50 of medium chocolate & medium golden blonde
Creamy Blonde-Platinum and light gold blonde 50/50 blend
Spring Honey-Honey blonde and gold platinum blonde 50/50 blend
Toasted Brown-Dark brown and light brown blend
Ginger Brown-Medium auburn and medium brown 50/50 blend
Dark Chocolate-Dark brown and medium brown 50/50 blend
Cappucino-Dark brown blend
Expresso-Dark brown

Madelyn by Amore (Mono Top Wig)

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Madelyn by Amore

Sleek and modern long-layered style with a full fringe.


Specifications: Fringe 3.5" (9 cm), Crown 11.45" (29 cm), Nape 12.6" (32 cm)
Weight:5.7 oz (160 g)