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Kaylee by TressAllure in Velvet Cream Image 1
Kaylee by TressAllure in Cola Swirl Image 2
Kaylee by TressAllure Image with Nape Callout
Tressallure Standard Cap Features
Divider for Rooted Colors
TressAllure Silky Sand-Rooted - Cool beige platinum blonde with dark brown roots
TressAllure Chiffon Candy-Rooted - Light golden brown with heavy medium and pale blonde highlights and medium brown roots
TressAllure Mimosa HL-Rooted - Light auburn strawberry blond with pale blonde highlights and medium brown roots
TressAllure Sugar Brulee-Rooted - Medium golden brown base with medium and pale gold highlights with dark brown roots
TressAllure Dark Amber HL-Rooted - Medium golden brown blended with light copper and pale golden blonde highlights with dark roots
Divider for Blonde Colors
TressAllure Princess Ivory - Light creamy blonde with platinum blonde highlights
TressAllure Satin Gold - Dynamic blend of golden blondes
TressAllure Velvet Cream - Medium blonde with light blonde highlights
TressAllure Misty Sunrise - Golden blonde and light blonde blend with medium auburn lowlights
Divider for Red Colors
TressAllure Sheer Plum - Dark brown blended with dark auburn and copper highlights
TressAllure Cherrywood Hl - Dark brown with medium bright red highlights
TressAllure Deep Sepia - Dark brown blended with medium reddish brown and medium auburn
Divider for Brunette Colors
TressAllure Mocha Gold - Medium brown blended and tipped with medium golden blonde
TressAllure Cola Swirl - Dark brown with medium auburn and light blonde highlights
TressAllure Honey Bean - Medium brown with caramel brown and pale golden brown highlights
TressAllure English Tea HL - Dark brown with light chocolate brown and auburn highlights
TressAllure Walnut Brown - Dark brown blended with medium auburn
TressAllure Cocoa Bean - Darkest brown blended with dark brown
TressAllure Deep Forest - Dark brown blended with medium dark brown
TressAllure Midnight Coffee - Off black blended with darkest brown
Divider for Gray Colors
TressAllure Silver Shadow (92) - Medium gray blended with silvery-white, almost pure white in front, while darker at the nape

Kaylee by TressAllure (Basic Cap Wig)

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Kaylee by TressAllure

Chic Kaylee is a chin-length wig with textured layers, lots of volume on top, long side-swept fringe, and a tapered nape. If rooted, the nape is the same shade as the root. Drier fibers look less shiny and are fine in denier for an amazingly realistic appearance. Very vogue!

  • Basic cap construction of premium materials provides cool wefting and affordability
  • Impeccable machine-made quality and consistency
  • Soft pre-styled synthetic hair looks natural and keeps its shape in all weather
  • Adjustable band allows you to customize the fit up to 1/2" for ultimate comfort
  • Bendable ear tabs for a discreet secure fit

Color shown in the main image is Velvet Cream. The brunette is Cola Swirl. 
Available in rooted colors 
Specifications: Front 6.25", Crown 4.75", Nape 3.75" 
Weight: 2.5 oz. 
Cap Size: Average

Cherrywood HL, Chiffon Candy-Rooted, Cocoa Bean, Cola Swirl, Dark Amber HL-Rooted, Deep Forest, Deep Sepia, English Tea HL, Honey Bean, Midnight Coffee, Mimosa HL-Rooted, Misty Sunrise, Mocha Gold, Princess Ivory, Satin Gold, Sheer Plum, Silky Sand-Rooted, Sugar Brulee-Rooted, Velvet Cream, Walnut Brown