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Feeling in control breeds confidence. And ENVY believes no woman should ever have to lose that confidence due to scalp sensitivity or thinning hair. Launched in response to a friend’s hair loss, the brand is designed to be more wearable, more affordable, and to appeal to women of every age and ethnicity—with industry-changing innovations that deliver maximum comfort while making ENVY wigs indecipherable from consumers’ own natural hair.

Offering comprehensive education and custom merchandising, ENVY stands by its retail partners as passionately as its products. And with the constant introduction of NEW, on-trend styles, it is committed to helping them make the most of today’s growing wig craze.

Answering a real need with, “Good product at good prices,” Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton is good people. And as he celebrates his 10th year in business, ENVY’s innovations continue to make “good hair” great. Ensuring EVERY woman can experience the emotional and aesthetic benefits of wig-wearing.